‘Sun in a box’ system can beat Li-ion batteries over store renewable energy: Study

Scientists at MIT have devised a groundbreaking system capable of storing renewable energy, like solar and wind power, for subsequent release into the electric grid as needed. Featured in the journal Energy and Environmental Science, the system is designed to supply power to a small city continuously, overcoming the intermittency associated with solar and wind

Butterfly wing nanostructures created on solar cells, improves efficiency by 200 per cent

Researchers have achieved a breakthrough by replicating nanostructures discovered on butterfly wings in solar cells, boosting their light absorption capability by up to 200%. The study, featured in the journal Science Advances, addresses the issue of sunlight reflected by solar cells being wasted as unused energy. The nanostructures on the wings of the Pachliopta aristolochiae

Smart greenhouses generate electricity without affecting crop growth

Researchers have developed innovative “smart” solar greenhouses capable of generating renewable electricity without impeding plant growth. In these electricity-generating solar greenhouses, initial crops of tomatoes and cucumbers exhibited the same health as those cultivated in traditional greenhouses, according to scientists. This breakthrough is achieved through the use of Wavelength-Selective Photovoltaic Systems (WSPVs), a cutting-edge technology

With solar energy, CME to be power-packed soon

The sprawling 3,600-acre campus of the College of Military Engineering (CME), housing approximately 10,500 individuals, is poised to incorporate a 2 Mega Watt (MW) solar power system, with plans for a potential upgrade to 12 MW within the next four to five years. This ambitious initiative not only aims to render the campus self-sufficient in

Pune a step closer to solar deployment

To expedite the implementation of solar energy in Pune, the recently established Pune Smart City Development Corporation Ltd. (PSCDCL) is initiating the ‘Pune-Maximum Solar City’ campaign as the initial step toward transforming Pune into a solar-powered city. In collaboration with Pune International Centre (PIC) and Prayas Energy Group, the PSCDCL conducted an awareness program targeting